Oct SBD – Tajiri

SBD report – Oct 

Class started at 9:30 with one student. Weather report for the day was fair and light winds. Max around 10-11 knts. I started class with an  introduction and asked the student his background and interest in sailing. 

Upon starting class there was a short review and question period, before going over the safety equipment and demo. I had the student operate the safety vest for the experience of hands-on understanding. Another area which was covered before the safety items was the function and use of the log book.

We then went to the boat, there we went through all the boat systems together, also having the student, name various parts of the boat. Afterwards I had him demo his understanding on knots. He did well.

After a short break, we again went to the boat and motored around in the harbor/ port area. I had the student go through docking on both sides in both direction, after doing a demo myself. The student did well with the physical part however needed a bit more time and practice with the mental preparations before reaching the dock.

After lunch, in the office I went through special docking procedure using the board and model boats to explain. Afterward we went back down to the docks, there I did a demo on the special undocking against a beam wind. I had the student do the drill several times to be sure he understood and could do the undocking.

After a short break we went out on the water for a short sail. There I checked the student’s understanding of the points of sail. Once that was completed we returned to the marina, with the student on the helm. We docked and cleaned up the boat before going to the office classroom there I asked the student about any issues or problems he had. 

All things were stated by him as being well and we ended class.

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艇のタイプ・・・セールボート 続きを見る




艇のタイプ・・・セールボート 続きを見る